In 1930, the gardens received Royal consent to be named the Royal Botanical Gardens.  Located where the British Army set up camp during the war of 1812 they also have historic significance.  Today these gardens are a welcome breath of fresh just north of Toronto.

The Grounds:  The gardens are located on a narrow limestone spit separating Hamilton and Burlington.  The vision of Thomas McQueston when founding the gardens was to create a beautiful entranceway for the city of Hamilton.

Laking Garden:  Home of herbaceous perennials like irises and peonies, and old style gardens with deer's ear, ornamental crab apples, decorative boxwood, and carefully planned companion gardens.

The Rock Garden:  Built during the Great Depression, this garden has meandering pathways lined with colour and texture.  Within the garden there are annuals along with exotic shrubs from around the world. Surrounded by protective coniferous trees.

The Rose Garden:  Pale pinks and orange, yellows and crimson red, bumble bees treat on these roses in full bloom.