Benvenuto to Butchart Gardens! The estate owned by Robert and Jennie Butchart was named Benvenuto, Italian for welcome, after the garden saw over fifty thousand visitors during the 1920's.   Today, that legacy lives on.  One of North America's most visited gardens, anyone and everyone is welcome to explore this inspirational and invigorating West Coast display garden.

"You've got the balance of the trees, the shrubs, the flowers... the sound of water...  How can you have a care in the world when you're here? You can leave them behind."  Deborah Whitmore, Gardener

The Grounds: Vibrant colors and textures breathe life into the grounds.  "Ruthless gardening" means that only the best is on display.

The Sunken Gardens:  Look down into one of the world's only Sunken Gardens.  From up above delight in bursts of color, carefully designed for maximum impact.

The Japanese Garden: Blue poppies and salmon colored azaleas pop against majestic dogwood and brilliant greenery.  The gentle trickle of water calms and soothes.