Awaken with the garden as the sun rises at VanDusen.   A stillness and calm unlike any other.  Picturesque gardens set amidst rolling lawns, tranquil lakes and dramatic rockwork with vistas of the mountains and the Vancouver cityscape.

"Gardens to me are very musical... They can be symphonic or they can be rock and roll too... This garden has such a range of emotions and experiences in it. It has these grand open lawns, beautiful green with the Vancouver sky and I think the big trees, the redwoods, these big dark green conifers, that's a double bass if ever I saw it. Then there are crescendos, such as bright orange azaleas and red rhododendrons... These tubular flowers... They are kind of like a little horn section."  Chris Woods, Former Garden Director

The Great Lawn: Rhododendrons and Azaleas surround the Great Lawn.  Pinks and pastels are gorgeous in full bloom.

The Lake Area: The pond is the percussion in the garden jazz band.  Ducks, geese and the great blue heron bathe in its cool waters.  The intense greens and bursts of color surrounding it reflect off the pond's glass surface.

The Formal Gardens: Textures and colors up close.  The Laburnum walk is gorgeous yet fleeting.  The bountiful droplets of gorgeous yellow flowers are around for only two to three weeks of the year.  Purple drumstick-like alliums offer the perfect contrast to these bright yellow trees.