These distinctive gardens define and celebrate the Western identity.  With beautiful displays and secret hideaways the Garden is lush and colorful respite from the semi-arid desert.

"When people come in here they should be refreshed, their spirits should be enlivened, but they should also take away some pointers about the earth... The more we become cyborgs, the more we become tied to machines, and Ipods and blackberries and cell phones, the more we want to balance it out with a sense of the natural world. Then when you go home if the transformation has worked you either add a little oxygen into the air and reduce a little carbon by planting a plant... or you recycle more, you look at renewable energy sources...  its mainly about transformation." Brian Vogt, Denver Botanic Gardens, CEO

The Grounds: A living museum of native plants and flowers set against mountain vistas.  This is a place for people to connect to the natural environment. 

The Perennial Garden: Designed to showcase plants that have adapted to the dry, sunny climate like asters, flocks, and sunflowers.  The garden imitates the look of a traditional English country garden. 

The Gardens and Conservatory:
The Conservatory is a landmark historic building housing a tropical rainforest garden.  The moist environment and tropical plant life inside offer a contrast to the native gardens. 

The Japanese Garden: Named the Shofu - en, or "The Garden of Wind and Pine" this garden features native pines from the mountains of Colorado and is built around refreshing water features.