Cultivate your connection to nature in all its glory.  A stunning 25 acres nestled over hills and buttes overlooking the Salt Lake Valley.

"If you take the time to get down, get your hands into the soil, it opens up your soul and you're able to appreciate life, and once you appreciate life you're ready for more adventures." Camilla Thygerson, Horticulturalist

Four Seasons Garden: An empowering garden where brilliant displays of color appear along hill slopes and hummingbirds hover among the flowers.

The Natural Area: Red Butte was named for the red sand stone quarried out of these rolling hills and used for building when the area was first settled.   A garden like this inspires a sense of place and a connection to life. 

The Children's Garden: Imaginations run wild over interesting insects, water features, flowers in bloom and the Butterfly Walk.

The Lower Garden: A refuge from day to day life, the Lower Garden consists of serene ponds enveloped by lush plant life and tall trees.