Sail away to the Garden by the Sea.  Thunderous Ocean waves crash against the shores and the vibrant warm hues of heathers thrive in this coastal climate.

"I find the gardens is a really healthy place to be. Its good for the mind, its good for the soul - its a little hard on the back"  Kristina Van Wert, Plant Recorder.

The Coastal Bluffs: By the coast, the flora has to adapt to the winds and salt by growing close to the ground.  Look very closely, beyond the obvious, to see the true gems of these bluffs.

 "Wherever I am there are always things to be discovered we just have to have that moment, to have that real relation to see it." Mario Abreu, Naturalist Gardener
The Fern Canyon:  A mixture of cultivated and natural areas - alders and bishop pines tower overhead.  The fern lined canyon walls allow in mystical beams of sunlight.  Varieties of mushrooms grow in the cool, moist environment.

The Succulent Garden: Although these plants are not native they come from similar climates - including cacti of all shapes and sizes.

The Heather Garden:  Heathers thrive in California's coastal climate. An undulation of colors like warm reds and deep purple hues flourish here.

The Perennial Garden: This ornamental garden is cultivated like a work of art.

"This is my canvas and my palette are all the wonderful plants I have to work with.  I paint in texture and color and form, just like a painter"  Lily Ricardi, Education Coordinator.