Exquisite flowers, majestic trees, and opulent architecture on the former country estate of Pierre S. du Pont.  The passionate garden staff guides you through over 300 acres of finely manicured gardens and over 200 years of history.

"I think the community is just so lucky to have this piece of property, which is over 1000 acres, left for the enjoyment of the public...  It's this green relief... with all the urban sprawl, with all the development, this is a sanctuary for the residents of the community, and of the county and of the state, to come to Longwood and enjoy this open space." Harold Taylor, Section Gardener, Idea Garden

The Flower Garden Walk: A 600 foot-long journey through the heart of Longwood revealing formal gardens, fountains and an impressive topiary garden.

Water and Fountain Gardens: The brilliant fountain gardens show off a dazzling display of spurts and streams the highest shoot reaches over 130 feet into the air!

  The outdoors come alive inside this architectural gem.   Here you will find every color imaginable: beautiful cannas, begonias and basket upon basket of fuchsia.

The Idea Garden: A sanctuary for the community, thirteen diverse theme gardens including vegetable, annual, perennial and rose gardens meant to both inspire and educate.