New York's 250-acre Gardens composed of 50 spectacular gardens and plant collections.  Dynamic and full of energy, color and diversity - a natural oasis in the city that never sleeps.

The Conservatory: The Victorian Glass House is the centerpiece of the garden. Inside find Rainforest ecosystems and at the very centre the Palm dome.  Look way up to see the tops of these 60-foot trees! In the Courtyard, tropical water lilies grace the tops of the pond, including the giant, beautiful Victoria lilies. The pond also showcases the umbrella like leaves of the mysterious and intriguing Lotus flower.

Perennial Garden:  Designed with a Painter's eye by Linden Miller, this garden is composed of a series of rooms.  The Hot Room pairs contrasting colors like purples and oranges and the Cool Room pairs complimentary colors like pinks and blues.

Wild and Nature Area: At the heart of the 250 acres is a 50 acre old growth forest which has never been cut or cleared.  The rolling hills and exposed rocks of the natural area are a crucial part of New York's landscape.

Peggy Rockefeller Rose Garden: The Peggy Rockefeller hybrid tea rose welcomes you at the entrance. 83 rose beds in stunning blocks of color lead you to the central gazebo covered in climbing roses. Also on display, the Peggy Martin Survivor Rose, named after surviving Hurricane Katrina.