Historic Richmond, Virginia is home to Lewis Ginter's spectacular 40 acres of gardens and the mid-Atlantic's only classically styled Conservatory open to the public.  In 1884 Lewis Ginter bought the property and built the Lakeside Wheel Club.  After his death Grace Arents, Ginter's neice remodeled the structure and made it a home for sick children from the city.  When she passed away 1926 she decreed that the property be developed into a botanical garden in honor of Lewis Ginter.

"I love to try to bring diversity to the garden - just beautiful spaces that children and adults alike can enjoy.  And create spaces that are both calm and peaceful as well as spaces that are beautiful and dynamic and spark creativity as well as restfulness and relaxation." Elizabeth Fogel, Horticulturalist

The Central Gardens:
The Butterfly Border is full of annuals and alive with several species of butterflies and hummingbirds.  The Medicinal Garden is an educational tool. The Sunken Garden is a quiet space that envelops its visitors.  The Four Seasons garden is in bloom with asters, chrysanthemums and pansies.

The Conservatory:  This is the focal point of these gardens, with a dome rising 63 feet above the ground.  Inside four rooms house palms and chrysanthemums in one and tropical plants like orchids in another.  The west wing is a cottage garden with colorful flowerbeds.  The North wing has plants in pots, like different spices. 

The West Island Garden:
  A bog garden - take a walk across the boardwalk to see water lilies and pitcher plants, a carnivorous, tubular shaped plant. 

The Asian Valley Garden: Plants here come from all parts of Asia and have adapted to the environment.  Inspired visually by the best of Asian style gardens - rocks and placid waters, a natural cascade of water and small narrow pathways leading to a contemplative space.

The Children's Garden: The farm garden houses vegetables like pumpkins and carrots. Children partake in the planting process and the vegetables harvested for the local food bank. This is a safe place for children to explore and be curious.