Situated high above the waters edge at the confluence of the Metis and the St. Lawrence rivers – These gardens are a result of Elsie Reford's passion for gardening.  She spent the summers of 1926 to 1959 beautifying the property inherited to her.  Today the garden is still in family hands and has been lovingly restored to its former glory.

The Long Walk:
Composed of two 90-meter flower gardens with over 200 species of flowers - one of Elsie Reford's most original creations. Her passion for pastels is evident by the pale pinks, whites and blues that line the walk.  Designed on a slope, the flowers are never drowned by water. The walk finishes with a magnificent view of the St. Lawrence River.

Blue Poppy Glades: Pale perfect blues sparkle in the sunlight. These Tibetan blue poppies are very special flowers and a horticultural achievement.

Stream Garden: The stream is the backbone of the garden and flows throughout the property.  Elsie Reford carefully planned her floral designs around it.
"Its not a botanical garden in the sense that things are displayed in a very scientific, organized, educational fashion - this garden really exists for somebody's personal pleasure. It was just a place where (Elsie Reford) enjoyed herself, she enjoyed developing collections. She created a garden for her own pleasure and for those others who had the pleasure to visit this place." — Alexander Reford
Natural Area: Comprised mainly of dense, coniferous forest.   Look carefully through the trees and bits of color re-emerge. Surprising vistas open around every corner, inviting you to stop and take a look.

The Primrose Garden:
Over 30 species of primrose are in bloom. A palette of pinks and striking yellow daylilies pop against bright greens.

"To me a garden is the perfect interplay of what nature bestows on us but the capacity of humans to improve nature. And this garden, created by my great grandmother, is a perfect combination of the perfect environment and the passion of one person to make the even more perfect"  — Alexander Reford