The Gardens balance the historical and botanical aspects of horticulture, complimenting the area's rich tapestry of heritage. This site has been associated with the gardens since the 17th century.  The French settlers – Acadians – became highly proficient builders of dykes to drain the immensely fertile salt marshes of these Maritime Coastal inlets.  The area changed hands several times until in 1970 Port Royal fell to the British for the last time.

Formal Gardens:  The three historic gardens are comprised of the Acadian Cottage reflective of the 1600's.  The Governor's Garden, designed after an English Governor's Garden dating to 1760.  Finally, the Victorian Garden, dating to 1850. 

The Water Gardens:  A series of three ponds, with daylilies, pickerelweed and various aquatic plants.  Pink and white water lilies throughout and a Chinese flowering dogwood in bloom. Listen for the symphony of nature: birds chirping, water trickling, leaves swaying in the breeze.

Marshes:  The Allen's River Valley found here was one of the first dyked by the Acadians.  History is evident throughout these marshes.  The boardwalk travels through what locals refer to as "elephant grass" – once used by the Acadians to build roofs.

Rose Garden:  Features hearty Canadian roses like Parkland roses, bred in Manitoba, and Ontario bred roses.  The different flowerbeds are set up to show how roses changed and evolved through the centuries.

"One of my passions in the garden is photography... there's nothing quite like zooming right up close and personal with a flower and seeing what you see." Trish Fry

"Its gives you comfort to know that Mother Nature is still in control. It is something to give yourself too.   And just relax with and be a part of a spiritual thing that connects individual human beings with the natural life around us."