Nestled in the heart of beautiful St. Andrews by-the-Sea, Kingsbrae is a 27 acre horticultural masterpiece.   Created on the grounds of several grand old estates, the garden incorporates mature cedar hedges, flowerbeds and an old growth Acadian forest.

"It's been said that you're closer to God in the garden then anywhere else on earth and I think there's a lot to be said for that." Andreaus Haun, General Manager

Formal Gardens: The rose garden features tea roses and Canadian explorer roses, which grow in beds up to 7-feet.  The white garden, borrowed from the Sisenhurst garden in England presents a splendor of white flora with mirrored obelisk in the centre.   The knot garden, very specific to Elizabethan times, used for herbs.  A thin channel of water called a rill – indicative of Spain and the south of France – created upon the insistence of founder Lucinda Flemer.

Perennial Garden: 25 beds, each featuring different seasonal plants – lupens and botantilas – combinations of tall spikey flowers with shorter rounds ones – chartreuse green lady's mantle with orange oriental lilies – a vibrant colour combination.  The poppies with bebalm and lupens are a popular combination, the contrast of blue and orange.  White, fluffy Mallows.  A relaxed, overflowing garden.

Pond Garden: A mellow tranquil natural spot – ducks.  In this garden purple weeds fit right in with the gardens, add to.   Rose bushes, pink and white.  Irises and alliums – one are whimsical the others are puff balls.   The reflection on the glass like exterior of the pond also beautiful.