A 79-acre oasis in the city of St. Louis and one of the oldest botanic gardens in the United States. 

"Part of our mission is to offer enrichment for folks and plants I think, enrich lives, and that to me is a very important component of what we are doing... I see it first hand and I get a kick out of that."  Jim Cocos, Vice President of Horticulture

The Grounds: Modeled after the great English Gardens like Kew, these gardens are filled with carefully pruned hedges and elegant fountains. 

The Children's Garden: Expresses what it means to be a Missourian! All of its major ecosystems are represented in the Children's playground.  There are exhibits like the locks and dams and a climbing rock.  Go ahead and let out your inner child!

The Japanese Garden:  The Garden of Pure Clear Harmony and Peace – a place to wind down and relax.  Asian gardens are popular in North America because they allow for calm and meditation – a necessity in today's hectic life.

The Chinese Garden: Comprised of three elements: contorted stones and streams of water are surrounded by uniquely Chinese architecture like walls, walkways and observing decks