A garden designed to inspire, showcasing and preserving the native plants and wildflowers of Texas.   Including bluebonnets, red and yellow gaillardia, bright yellow damiana and all kinds of cacti. Decades ago, Mrs. Johnson recognized that the country was losing its natural landscapes and its natural beauty.  Since then, the Center has become one of the most credible research institutions and effective advocates for native plants.  Lady Bird Johnson once said, native plants "give us a sense of where we are in this great land of ours."

"Being out in nature, being able to experience through all my senses the sounds, the colours, the textures, the breeze, everything, all of that combined helps me feel grounded and gives me a sense of meaning to my life and that helps me understand my place in this world." Woman in blue sitting on bench

The Entrance: Opens up with towering aqueducts and the wetlands pond, full of wildlife like frogs, fish, dragonflies and turtles. 

The Meadows: A natural area where curious cacti and colorful wildflowers intermingle.

The Theme Garden: Twenty-three plots with ideas for your home garden featuring native species.