A genuine treasure of the American South! Melt under the warm Alabama sun and experience the awe-inspiring blooms of one of North Americas most revered Rose Gardens.

The Formal Gardens: Inspired by the great gardens of Europe, this garden features classic Southern plants like azaleas and camellias.

The Rose Garden: Grown in color blocks, this garden features 1 acre of roses designed by Mr. Bellingrath himself. Red symbolizes love, white purity and yellow symbolizes friendship.

The Conservatory: Bright yellow allemandes and hibiscus flowers are a couple of the jewels you will find in Bellingrath's Conservatory. 

The American Oriental Garden: Alabama meets Shanghai meets Tokyo. Featuring a beautiful red archway bridge over gentle streams of water. A calming, serene garden that inspires inner-reflection.

The Bayou Boardwalk: Gently rippling water surrounded by tall blades of golden grass. A contrast to the formal gardens, the boardwalk features all kinds of creatures in their natural environment.